Yes folks we took our first 2 games of a 4 game series in LA wining 1-0 in both games thanks to Joe Panik’s solo home runs. Ty Blach received a no decision in game 1 but pitched a great game getting out of trouble early in the game.   Johnny Cueto’s also received a no decision in game 2 but had some of his best stuff in a couple years, a good thing to see. Game 3 did not fair well as we lost 5-0 providing the Dodgers with their first shut out of the season and of course our 3 errors did not help matters. Derik Holland is better then what the out come showed but now that his first start of season is over he may improve, lets hope so. Chris Stratton fell to the Dodgers bats in game 4 this game was a bit more depressing with a losing score of 9-0. Its early in the season and we should see big improvements soon. Hunter Strickland closed the first 2 games starting out a little rough but looked very good finishing up the job and Skipper said the Strickland was going to be their closer.

We know we have a great defensive team but with defense come offense and we need to see better production from our boys, even with Hunter Pence showing improved hitting performance at the plate and Buster Posey stealing 3rd base giving us some needed hope we still need support, support and more support. Brandon Belt needs to get hot, I along with many others cant wait 6 or 8 games for him to start hitting for production. 158 games left to play. What does that mean? It means we have plenty of time to see big improvements.  Any way it was a great way to start the season by splitting a 4 game series with our arch rivals. Lets keep showing our support and root for our team no matter what.

In memory of the Greatest Giants Fan I ever had the privilege to know.





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