SF Giants: C’mon Arizona

The SF Giants didn’t make it into the postseason. Arizona did. You have one job, Diamondbacks: Beat LA.

The Giants have been in your shoes. Down 0-2 in the division series. We went on the road to Cincinnati and kicked the Reds A-double-S all over the Great American Bandbox. We beat them in their own house.

That’s where you have the advantage, Arizona. Step it up.  You’re going to your home with one job. #BeatLA.

If I were more talented I’d write you a nice anthem, a lá Ashkon, to give you inspiration. But I’m not. Here’s one for you—just change the names to fit your team. We’ll let you borrow it, but we get it back when you’re done. Or should I say, when you’ve won?

We’ll loan you Ashkon’s “We Are the Champions” when you win it all.

So get busy Arizona. We gave you one job. In the words of the great god of sneakers—”Just Do It!”

Toni Cecchetti

8 October 2017

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