SF Giants End of an Era

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Sunday’s game marked a very short Orange October.

Matt Cain retired Saturday. He was back on Sunday to leave us with a few heartfelt–and tear-choked–words. Cain–the Horse–is a giant of a Giant. He pitched the only perfect game in Giants franchise history, and he left the game on his terms—after achieving the personal goal of wearing just one uniform his entire major league career.

Giants president, Larry Baer, promised a Matt Cain day in the 2018 season. Let’s hope we can honor Cain with a better season than the one he retired on.

In my house we were split when it came to starters. My husband has been a Madison Bumgarner fan since the kid got here. I was a big Matt Cain fan. I watched his perfect game pitch by pitch, knowing by the seventh inning we were in for a very special night. And when Kuip called the play by Arias “from deep third” my eyes welled with tears as I watched Brandon Belt catch the ball for the last out and stuff it into his back pocket. I cried like Cain was my own kid.

BFF Vickie is still mad I didn’t call her to let her know what was going on. I couldn’t. I’m a superstitious old gamer babe and I was sure if I called Vickie and spilled the beans, something horrible would happen to spoil the perfect game. Can you imagine how I would have felt if Gregor Blanco had missed THE catch?

Sunday’s game was a textbook Giants game. The old Giants, that is. Johnny Cueto was on the mound but his performance was not up to his usual stuff. In five innings pitched, he allowed four runs–one was a home run–twelve hits and he struck out two. The bullpen–Ty Blach, Steven Okert, Corey Gearring and Hunter Strickland–didn’t allow any runs.

After the fourth inning, the game stayed tied at four runs a piece until the 9th inning when Pablo Sandoval became the hero–like he was in the old days–with a walk off home run. Good old Giants torture. I almost didn’t recognize it.

The final score was: Giants 5, Padres 4

The Giants won their last game which made them lose their 1st round draft pick. The Giants 2017 W/L record tied with Detroit’s, but because Detroit finished a half-game behind San Francisco in 2016, the tie is broken and first pick goes to the Tigers. The Giants get the second pick. And you know what? That’s close enough. I don’t care what Frank Robinson says.

The Giants went out better than they came in. There were speeches after the game, and the only disappointment for me were the Boo’s that greeted manager Bruce Bochy from some of the crowd when it was his turn to speak. He doesn’t deserve that.

Our Giants, right or wrong. They’ve had a terrible year. I know most of us will be back next year to cheer them on anyway. Lots of decisions to be made after this winter. I’ll try to keep you posted.

See you in the spring.

Toni Cecchetti

1 October 2017



5 thoughts on “SF Giants End of an Era

  1. Dianne Snyder says:

    Thanks for all your great posts…went to the game today..how cool was it that Pablo hit the walk off!! I left the K&K page you post on due to all the political posts..so happy to see that everyone stood for the National Anthem today..please keep me on your email list for next year..thanks again..Dianne Snyder

    Sent from my iPad



    • Thank you for reading Dianne. I’m glad you got to go to a great game! And it was a perfect way to end the season–much better than it started. Here’s looking forward to a great new year.


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