SF Giants, Giants, Giants


San Francisco Giants 2014: a Dynasty

Yeah, I’m shaking my head. Or as they say on social media–when annoyed–SMDH (shaking my damn head). Or sometimes when I’ve reached the limits and I’m beyond annoyed–SMFH. You know what the F stands for. Here’s a hint: it’s not firetruck.

I told you to stay tuned because I was going to report all the interesting and relevant theories I gleaned from a study of our game stats. I’m gonna need a bigger brain. Or at the very least, a better one. Every time I start looking at the rhyme or reason of why we won this game and lost that one, the thread I thought I’d carefully woven starts to unravel. Bottom line—like the experts have been saying all along, there is no rhyme or reason.

The past ten games have been a small sample size of our season this year. We won four and lost six. We are hovering at .400. People are talking rebuild.

Matt Cain is going to make his farewell appearance against the Padres in the final weekend of the season. It will be sad to see him go. He was a big part of what made this team special.

It’s the end of an era. And I’m shaking my head because we got caught up in the fervor of a dynastic run and forgot that one day we would return to this spot. It was a hard jolt because we hit rock bottom and we didn’t see it coming when the season started.

And you know what? That’s ok. Because this baseball. And anything can happen in baseball. It sure did this year.

Just wait till next year.

Toni Cecchetti

23 September 2017

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