SF Giants winsome and loathe many

vogey 5

Forever Giant Ryan Vogelsong and his son Ryder, as Vogey walks away from playing the game.

I haven’t written about our the Giants in a few days. It’s getting harder and harder to write something that doesn’t sound like bitching, moaning, griping or complaining. So I decided to quit. Not writing! I decided to quit bitching, moaning, griping or complaining.

I decided to get scientific. Sort of. I approached the Giants season-to-date like a huge puzzle, mostly to look for a pattern. Pick your poison—logic puzzle, jigsaw puzzle, word puzzle, math puzzle. I looked at the season from each of those angles using the stats from the games played and results so far.

Here’s how it looks:

  • the Giants have played 151 games so far, with 11 games to go. 58 wins and 93 losses.
  • the Giants best months were May and August, where we won 13 of  29 games played in each month, for a .448. The worst month was June–of course!–when we had a .333 win percentage. We lost two-thirds of the games we played in June. Ouch!

Obviously, I was going to need to take a closer look, because all these numbers tell us is we’ve had a lousy year. We all figured that out without looking at any numbers.

So, I decided to delve further. We’re gonna need a bigger boat. Or a bigger brain. Whichever will hold the myriad of statistics I’ve downloaded, charted, highlighted and studied.

Stay tuned.

Toni Cecchetti

19 September 2017

Happy Birthday Noni. Miss you more every day.

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