SF Giants #BeatLA

span 09.12

It’s what we’re all about now. Put a kink in the road of a contender.

Last night’s San Francisco Giants’ victory was sooooo worth the wait–and it was a long one–42 minutes for the game to start. Chris Stratton faced the first LA hitter, Curtis Granderson–aka The Grandy Man–a mid-August acquisition from the Mets. Stratton struck him out. Great start. And finish as it turned out.

The game was suspended for 2 hours and 52 minutes after the first out.

Ty Blach took over the mound when the game resumed at 10:50 pm. We had nine innings to play and all night to do it.

The Giants jumped to a quick lead with Denard Span‘s two run homer–Joe Panik was on board with a single–in the first, that cleared Levi Landing and went straight into Stretch’s Cove with a splash. Jarrett Parker treated us to a solo home run in the second. Hunter Pence hit a triple in the third and scored on Panik’s ground out.

Manager Bruce Bochy‘s lineup tweak may be the magic spark we were looking for. Wouldn’t it be something if the lineup was the cause of all our hitting problems? Pence leading off and Span in the third slot—maybe we’ll get a chance to see it again.

Blach pitched three scoreless innings with a smattering of traffic, but in the fourth all hell broke loose and the Dodgers tied the game. Blach pitched a total of three and a third and allowed four earned runs, six hits and three walks.

The Dodgers added on and pulled ahead in the fifth, but the Giants took the run back and tacked on another in the bottom of the inning. Ryder Jones drew a walk, Pence hit a single and they each advanced a base on Panik’s sac bunt. Span singled, scoring Jones and Buster Posey‘s single scored Panik.

The Dodgers scored another run in the top of the sixth, but the Giants added on another run in the bottom of the inning when Pablo Sandoval singled and scored on Hunter’s single. In the seventh, Span drew a walk and scored on Buster’s double.

The final score was: Giants 8, Dodgers 6

And that’s all it took. Easy-peasy, right? Sure. After waiting all night to watch a ball game, I was hanging on every pitch because this one felt like a playoff game. It was 3:00 am by the time I got to bed.

I don’t know which team is in which place. Last, second-to-last, I don’t much care right now because we #BeatLA. Everything else is gravy.

Besides, keeping track was starting to make me crazy.


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