SF Giants Seriously?

panda 09.08

I’ve been off for a couple of days. I ran out of gas. It seems to happen more and more lately. You would think with Wednesday’s win and Friday’s win, I would be full of things to say.

I wasn’t.

I vowed I would have something to say about Saturday’s game. Sure. I picked a great time to try and siphon some gas.

The Giants needed Wednesday’s win to stop the skid of losing games at Coors. Joe Panik went five for six on the night, turning his hits for the series into a record-breaking affair with 12 hits in a three-game series. We left Colorado with a win, after losing the first 9 games at Coors this year.

And Friday night, Pablo Sandoval found his hitting shoes, snapping his 0 for 39 with a three-run homer against the White Sox.

Which brings me to Saturday, the game I was going to write about. Jeff Samardzija was on the mound, and he was named NL Player of the Week last week. How could we lose? It wasn’t easy, but Comiskey Park–oh, excuse me, Guaranteed Rate Field (what the hell kinda name is that?)–was playing like a band box for the Southsiders, they were swatting fly balls over the fence like it was the Home Run Derby.

The Giants were getting shut out by the White Sox too, and would have except Nick Hundley smacked a solo homer in the seventh.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

The final score was: Giants 1, White Sox 13

We were at #28, for a minute. We’ve swapped back with the White Sox. They’re #28 and we’re back to #29. God bless the #30 Phillies.

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