SF Giants Rocky Mountain Low

blach 09.05

Well, folks, that’s it. The Giants made it to the basement. And we’re covering the bottom all by ourselves.

It was nothing the Rockies did. They played an ok game. The Giants got to their starter early—he threw 61 pitches in three innings of shutout ball, allowing us four hits and three walks. The only problem is the Giants were getting on base and being left there. When they talk about this season, RISP will dominate the conversation.

The Rockies came out swinging, scoring a run in the bottom of the first and a home run in the fourth. The Giants didn’t score until the fifth when Denard Span hit a single and scored on Brandon Crawford‘s single.

Ty Blach had a great outing going until the sixth—when baseballs started flying around Coors Field like the AT&T seagulls in the ninth. Blach’s work in the sixth looked worse than it was: in five and a third innings he allowed five runs—one was a home run, five hits, two walks and two strike outs.

The Giants scored two more runs in the seventh—Mac Williamson hit a single and Denard Span walked. Buster Posey plated both with a double on a sharply hit line drive. In the eighth, Pablo Sandoval drew a lead-off walk and Mac Williamson singled. They both scored on Denard Span’s double. Span scored on Joe Panik‘s single.

Of course, the Rockies didn’t let it go at that, they maintained their lead, but when the Giants turned it into a one-run ballgame, the Rockies came out slugging.

The final score was: Giants 6, Rockies 9

Listen, it could be worse. We could be Philadelphia. Oh, wait—we are!

San Francisco Giants are #30. That’s ok, 30 is the new 29, haven’t you heard?

On a high note: congrats to our very own Jeff Samardzija, this week’s NL Player of the Week. Yay, Shark!

Toni Cecchetti

5 September 2017

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