SF Giants you learn something new every day

gorkys 09.03

Here’s what we learned Sunday:

Gorkys Hernandez is a helluva defender. Tommy Pham–the Redbirds left fielder–hit a home run in the top of the first. Well, it would have been a home run if Gorkys hadn’t snatched it back from across the fence. Grand theft tater. All you lip-readers out there saw Bumgarner’s WOW, reminded me of Verlander in Game 1 of the 2012 WS. In the bottom of the fourth, Pham hit another one–this time in triples alley–and Gorkys was there again with his magic glove. Grant theft XBH.

Honestly, I thought Pham’s Mammy Yokum socks were bringing him bad luck, but Gorkys stole another extra base hit from a player wearing regular pants, so I abandoned that theory. Without Gorkys, god knows what the score might have been.

We found out our September call-ups can bring some pop. Mac Williamson went 2 for 4, and although he didn’t score a run or an RBI, Tim Federowicz did, when he sent a line drive over the left field wall for a solo home run to lead off the eighth.

We’ve known for a long time our Ace, Madison Bumgarner, was good for a long ball every now and again, and he did not disappoint in Sunday’s game. Although it can probably be said he was better at the plate than on the hill. He went six innings and allowed five runs–three were home runs–five hits, two walks and he struck out five.

Bumgarner’s big knock came in the fifth inning. Our first run was scored in the third inning when Joe Panik hit a double and scored on Buster Posey‘s RBI single.

The other thing we learned–and it came as a big surprise to me at least–Matt Moore can pitch in relief. You know how starters are, they have certain routines they follow, they need time to psych themselves up when it’s their turn in the rotation, and they need time to warm up before they go out to pitch. Matt Moore went out to the mound in the eighth and ninth and pitched two scoreless innings without all the fluff. Could he turn into a lights out reliever? I don’t know, but we could sure use more better relief in the bullpen.

The final score was: Giants 3, Cardinals 7

What a day. The only thing that could have topped it was a win. But I’ve learned that those don’t come along as frequently as we’d like.

#29 (again) and holding.

Toni Cecchetti

3 September 2017

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