SF Giants WTF Blue?

Ital heritage 08.31

It was all about my people Thursday night

I don’t even know where to begin. I guess the beginning will work.

Thursday night’s game began with Matt Cain on the mound instead of Madison Bumgarner. You know, as Giants fans we all have a glimmer of hope when we hear the magic words “Bumgarner’s leading the charge tonight” and we heave a heavy sigh of relief.

And you know, since coming back from his accident, he’s been pitching well—he just doesn’t get much run support. We all have glimmers of hope, though, when it’s a Bumgarner start.

Then we get the news that Madison is experiencing flu-like symptoms. Not good, but not the worst thing that’s happened this year.

So, Matt Cain is up. Don’t get me wrong, I think Matt Cain has given more to this club than any man out there, but he’s had some struggles on the hill lately. I don’t know if you noticed, but the last time he pitched in relief he gave up so many runs, he looked like he was putting on a clinic for the Home Run Derby.

Cain wasn’t that bad Thursday night. He went five innings and allowed two runs–one was a home run–seven hits, NO walks and he struck out two. One more inning and they’d call it a quality start.

The Giants put up one run in support when Hunter Pence singled in the fifth and scored on Carlos Moncrief‘s sac fly. There we were, just a bloop and a blast away from scoring the go-ahead run, AKA the Promised Land. Even after the Redbirds scored another run, a bloop and a blast would have tied it up.

That’s where our fairy tale becomes a nightmare. Our beleaguered, but well-compensated closer–Mark Melancon–pitched in the eighth and gave up a hit, a walk, and another hit to load the bases. Then he walked the next guy and walked in a run. He hit the next batter with a pitch and another run scored. It was painful to watch.

When we got ourselves into the bottom of the ninth, we needed more than a bloop and a blast—we needed a grand salami. And that was just to tie. Here’s the thing: we were kinda headed in that direction.

Buster Posey led-off with a double and Brandon Crawford followed up with a home run to right field. We were halfway there. Except for one thing: the umpires reviewed the home run and the umps in NY pulled it back based on “fan interference” and hacked it off to a ground rule double. Which is a bunch of BS. The ball was over the tin shingles on the top of the wall, not in the field of play. The fan lost his seat, Crawford lost his home run and the Giants lost the game.

No telling what might have happened if the umps in NY knew the rules about the field of play at AT&T Park.

The final score was: Giants 2, Cardinals 5

Yesterday I had some fun dishing the dirt on a couple of teams, especially the Blue Man Crew or the Boys We Love to Hate. The Dodgers got swept by the Snakes and recorded their fifth loss in a row for the first time this year. How about that?

Ever grateful for Philadelphia. But it could get ugly. They won their Thursday game.

Toni Cecchetti

31 August 2017

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