SF Giants in San Diego-it’s just like home

shark 08.28

I haven’t written lately because I have been uninspired. It’s not the Giants fault. I’ll confess—it’s all my fault. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

The three games we lost in Arizona were like so many of the 77 losing games that came before them—decent starting pitching without bats or decent starting pitching, some bats and relievers who give it up in late innings. I couldn’t find a way to put a smile on it. And it’s the only job I gave myself. I’ll try to do better.

Monday night’s game in San Diego was like a breath of fresh air. And yes, it put a smile on my face.  Jeff Samardzija was brilliant–as he has been for the majority of the season–he pitched a complete game shut out. He allowed three hits, NO runs, NO walks and he struck out five. That’s practically freakin’ perfect.

Brandon Crawford hit a solo home run in the fourth and scored again in the eighth when he reached on a single and Joe Panik hit a big dinger to score two.

The final score was: Giants 3, Padres 0

It was the kind of game that, had it been played earlier in the season, it would have given us all hope for the season. But since it came along too late, it gives me lots of hope for next season. And besides, it would be nice to come in before the Padres. We have 29 games left and we are five in back of the Padres. It can be done.

We’re at #29 and holding. Thank you Phillies.

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