SF Giants-OMG and WTF?

bumg 08.20

I didn’t get this published Saturday, so I added it to Sunday…

The Giants game Saturday night was a mixed-bag of “OMG” and “WTF?”. I had high hopes the OMGs would outnumber the WTFs, and it was close, but no cigar.

Denard Span kicked off the scoring in the first when the Phillies literally kicked around the ball he sent to triples alley. He wound up with an inside the park home run.

The Phillies tied it up in the second and pulled ahead in the third, courtesy of a three-run homer hit by the kid from Sacramento–local boy Rhys Hoskins makes good–who spent his entire salary on tickets for friends and family to watch him play.

The Giants and Phillies ended up with a tied game until the sixth, when the Phillies took the lead with a seven run inning. The Giants were sunk. For a few minutes. Then the Giants came roaring back in the ninth with five runs. If we’d had just another inning or two…but you know the saying about “if”. I’ll give you a hint: it involves my aunt and mentions my uncle. You know, “if my aunt had…” oh, I don’t need to spell it out for you.

The final score was: Giants 9, Phillies 12

Sunday’s game wasn’t more of the same–but it came pretty close. It was another OMG and WTF? game, just on a smaller scale.  The Phillies scored first, but the Giants tied it up and scored the go ahead run, keeping the lead until the eighth. Madison Bumgarner pitched great for six innings and held the Phillies to one run, four hits, one walk. He struck out seven.

parker.posey 0820Mark Melancon pitched a clean seventh–I loved the Parker Posey out at home, didn’t you?

Hunter Strickland pitched the eighth and gave up three runs and six hits. He struck out two. The Phillies scored another run in the ninth and the Giants didn’t score again.

The final score was: Giants 2, Phillies 5

We don’t play the Phillies again this year, but I’m willing to bet next year some Phillies batter is going to get drilled for the hit by pitch Posey took in the eighth. All I can say is it’s a good thing Strickland was already done for the day, he was probably all set to mix it up after his outing.

We were over .400. Even with Saturday night’s loss to the Phillies we were hanging on without a net at precisely .400, but after Sunday’s game we’re back to a .397 win percentage. We’re still at #28 and holding. #GoGiants

Toni Cecchetti

20 August 2017


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