SF Giants Win Again and Again

bum panda 08.09

I’m starting to feel about Ty Blach the way we used to feel about Madison Bumgarner. Remember those days? When Bumgarner was on the mound, the “W” was almost automatic. We would still feel that way about a Bumgarner start if the guys would give him some run support.

Blach not only enjoyed a great pitching outing—here’s what his line looked like Tuesday night: two runs, seven hits, one walk and three strike outs in seven innings pitched, but he got plenty of run support. One was self-propelled. That combined with Buster Posey‘s three-run homer in the first and a couple of insurance runs tacked on the back end made sure the Giants came away with the “W”.

And then Wednesday happened. I’m starting to feel about Madison Bumgarner the same way I feel about Ty Blach. We have back-to-back pitchers we can count on. Will they win every time? Probably not, but more often than most. Their combined efforts gave us a win in the series over the world champ Cubs. We’ll take it.

Wednesday’s game was a classic pitching duel. Madison Bumgarner clearly won the duel. He allowed one run–it was a home run, five hits, one walk and he struck out seven in seven innings pitched. There was fire on the mountain alright. He looked like our Ace out there.

The bats brought enough to get the job done, but I think Madison is probably going to take a little ribbing from the rookie, Ty Blach, because of Blach’s three-run homer last week. Bumgarner had an 0 for 2. Hunter Pence hit another long ball today. Maybe they’ll shake off the stink from last season’s last half and this season. As far as I’m concerned they already did. But then, they’ve always smelled like Giants to me–like the smell of an old leather glove and popcorn.

The final score Tuesday was: Giants 6, Cubs 3

The final score Wednesday was: Giants 3, Cubs 1

If you go back and look at the last ten games we won, you’ll see that the line up is generously sprinkled with rookies. I think they are providing the spark. But as for the pitchers,  Jeff Samardzija won three games, Madison Bumgarner won two, and Ty Blach is tied with Bumgarner. He’s the Baby Bum.

Still holding steady at #28.

Toni Cecchetti

9 August 2017

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