SF Giants less of Moore

ryder 08.07

I feel bad whenever Matt Moore pitches for the Giants lately. Not only for Moore–he can’t find his stuff and there are times when he is simply too painful to watch. But I also feel bad for the Giants fans–especially the ones who pay big buck$ to watch our team play. Although it’s always fun to be at the yard, even if we lose.

Mostly I feel bad because when it is Moore’s turn to pitch, I feel like we’ve lost before the game starts. I don’t like feeling that way, but I guess it’s safe to say I’m over Matt Moore. I would be thrilled to see him stage a come-back.

Moore looks lost. I lost track of the wild pitches he threw Monday night. By the third inning Moore looked so uncomfortable out there he made me wince. He gave up five runs, eight hits, one walk and the good news–seven strike outs. That’s something, isn’t it?

Matt Cain relieved Moore, and although Cain didn’t give up any runs, he made me as nervous as Moore made me. He got into too many jams. He managed to work his way out of them, but the bloom is off the rose on the whole Giants torture thing for me right now. Besides, the torture is ok when we win, because there is a release. But when we lose, it just feels like adding insult to injury.

The Giants bats didn’t join the game until the sixth. Before that, it was the Farmer in the Dell and Jarrett Parker was the cheese. But in the sixth inning it was all about our new (some would say old) rally spark–Pablo Sandoval. He hit a double and our rookie, Ryder Jones, got his first big league, big knock. Nothing better for a batting slump than a two-run homer..

In the seventh inning, Denard Span reached second on a Cubs’ fielding error and scored on Joe Panik‘s single. The Giants weren’t able to score again.

The final score was: Giants 3, Cubs 5

Holding at #28. With a bullet.

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