SF Giants Battle by the Bay

moncrief 07.31The Giants fight this fight every year. I like to see the Giants win. I hate to dredge up ancient history, but 1989 was awful, just awful. Not just because of the ‘quake. Although, let’s face it—on the list of the most awful things that can happen during the world series, a devastating, horrific earthquake is pretty high on the list.

Every time we play Oakland, even when it’s not October, I think about that day.

Monday night we lost to the A’s, but all things being equal, we have to be grateful for the good weather to enjoy the game, the good health of our players and a calm, steady field for them to play on.

It was a tough loss, but we’ve suffered worse. We live to fight another day.

Matt Cain had a rough five innings, but he limited the damage and kept us in the game. He allowed two runs, seven hits, three walks and a strike out.

The bats were working, but for every step forward, it seemed like the bullpen put us two steps back. Carlos Moncrief made his MLB debut–after spending 8 years in the minors–and went 2 for 4 with an RBI. And he’s got a canon. What an arm. I like what I saw so far. Welcome to the bigs, Carlos!

The final score was: Giants 5, Oakland 8

Philadelphia lost their love for the Giants. They no longer have our backs. A year ago at this time we were Number 1 with a bullet. Now, we’re dead last with a slug. You know what that means? We get first draft pick.

The Silver Lining. It’s there. You just have to look for it.

Toni Cecchetti

31 July 2017

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