SF Giants out with the new, in with the old

nunez 07.25

The Giants played a helluva game Tuesday night. They scored 11 runs, ten of them before the fifth inning. And that’s when Eduardo Nunez left the game, the building and the team. He is no longer a Giant.

Seems the Boston Red Sox were looking for a third baseman. I guess so. The last one they had was under–performing just a bit. They were so over Pablo Sandoval, they were willing to eat the remaining two years of his $95 million contract. Almost $50 million for a player to be played elsewhere. That’s a lot of money for someone who won’t even be on the same coast.

Tuesday night the San Francisco Giants had two players whose batting average was over .300. One was Buster Posey with a .326 and the other was Nunez with .308. We just traded away one of the only consistent hitters we have.

Now, I’m not saying we should hang on to Nunez because he is one of the reasons the Giants are still afloat, because that would overstate our current condition—which could be more accurately described as dragging along rather than afloat.

Although for selfish reasons I would like to keep one of the few working bats we have in our line up, it’s good for Nunez to get a chance to play with a team in contention or that at least stands a chance.

When the Giants got Nunez from the Twins a year ago, he was coming to a team that was definitely in contention. It’s been completely downhill since then. The irony is we got Nunez to replace the guy who repaced the guy we got to replace Pablo. How’s that for the Circle of Life?

Pablo Sandoval is seriously in line to be our every day third baseman. I say that begrudgingly because I had a “thank him for his contributions, but no thanks” reaction to him wanting to return to the Giants. I didn’t bringing Panda back was a good idea.  I’d take Matt Duffy in a heartbeat, but I don’t get to vote. If Pablo gets the job, I hope he brings some of his old mojo back.

After all, a rumble-tumble, bubble gum blowing, roly-poly type third baseman worked for us before. Maybe it will again. It’s all about hope.  And everyone knows—hope floats (which is better than dragging along).

The final score for Tuesday night’s game was: Giants 11, Pirates 3

You can ring our bell Philadelphia. Although we aren’t going anywhere so far, but then again, neither are you.

Toni Cecchetti

25 July 2017

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