SF Giants Monday, Monday

moore.2 07.17

Monday, Monday. Sometimes you just can’t trust that day.

The Giants learned that musical lesson from Monday’s inter-league game against the Cleveland Indians.

The Indians scored first by hitting a long ball in the third inning.

The Giants took the run away and doubled down on it when Joe Panik led-off the bottom of the third with a base hit and scored on Gorkys Hernandez‘s double. Gorkys stretched it to third on the throw and scored on Matt Moore‘s single. The Giants scored another run in the fourth when Buster Posey hit a single and scored on Brandon Crawford‘s RBI double.

Matt Moore was pitching well and the Giants entered the fifth with a two-run lead. You already know how that story ends. With a runner on second and two out, Moore made a throwing error to first, extending the inning and tying the score.

The Indians scored the go-ahead run in the sixth and an extra insurance run in the ninth. The final score was: Giants 3, Cleveland 5

The big news of the night was the end of AT&T’s sell-out streak. The Giants sold out 530 consecutive games since 2010. Giants fans are the best fans in baseball. Win or lose, we’re die hard Giants fans.

And all things being equal, I’d rather be for San Francisco.

That was me, giving Philadelphia a break. You’re welcome Phillies.

Toni Cecchetti

17 July 2017


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