SF Giants Saturday Night Fever

BumG.2 07.15

The Giants were so close to winning Saturday’s game, they could almost touch it. Only to watch the Padres dance away with the win on a walk off jack hit by the Giants old back-up catcher, Hector Sanchez.

Giants fans were at fever pitch–anticipating Madison Bumgarner‘s return to the mound. He didn’t disappoint.

The Giants kicked off the scoring right away with two runs in the first. Eduardo Nunez drew a walk and Buster Posey hit a single. Nunez and Buster scored on Hunter Pence‘s line drive single to left. After the Padres took a one-run lead in the fourth, Joe Panik tied up the score with a solo home run in the sixth.

Bumgarner’s much-anticipated return was even better than Giants’ fans hoped. He hit the ground running in the first by striking out the side. The second inning he went three up, three down. He had his stuff.

Bumgarner gave up a solo home run in the third. He walked the lead-off batter in the fourth and gave up another home run. He remained in the game through the seventh, allowing a single in the fifth, a double in the sixth and a walk in the seventh, but no more runs. The bullpen took over and Hunter Strickland pitched a scoreless eighth.

Cory Gearrin gave up a hit in the ninth. Steven Okert took over and got the first out in the ninth.

And then Hector’s walk off two-run home run ended the game.

The final score was: Giants 3, Padres 5

I usually applaud a former Giant’s success. Especially former Giants who made nice contributions in the Orange and Black. Afraid I’m going to have to withhold Hector’s “atta boy”. He can have it if he plays his new party trick on the Dodgers.

Speaking of former Giants, our old third baseman is looking for a job. I hear he is interested in coming back to San Francisco. I’m not sure how that would work, considering he told the world he only likes manager Bruce Bochy and fellow player Hunter Pence (which is a gimmee—who doesn’t like Hunter Pence?) Personally? I’d take Matt Duffy and his gimpy foot first. And then anyone else. Literally. Anyone. But I wish Panda the best–just as long as it’s somewhere else.

Philadelphia freedom, shine on me, I love you.

Toni Cecchetti

15 July 2017


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