SF Giants Freaky Friday

buster.3 07.14

Last year, the Giants opened up the second half by playing the Padres in San Diego on the Friday after the All∗Star break. The Padres beat the Giants.

Last year, the Padres scored four runs. The Giants scored one run and had five hits. The Giants scored their solo run when Brandon Crawford led off the second with a double and scored on Conor Gillaspie‘s line drive single.

This year, the Giants scored in the first inning—Brandon Belt doubled and Buster Posey drove him home with a single. The second inning is where it gets a little “freaky.” Brandon Crawford led off with a double–sound familiar?–and scored on Gorkys Hernandez‘s line drive single.

The Padres took the lead in the fourth, but the Giants added more to the score when Hunter Pence and Gorkys Hernandez scored runs in the sixth. Hunter drew a walk and scored on Michael Gomez’s sac fly. Gorkys reached on a single and scored on Denard Span‘s single.

The icing on the cake was Buster Posey’s solo home run in the seventh.

The final score was: Giants 5, Padres 4

Johnny Cueto had a dismal outing. He’s having trouble with his fingers. Not quite blisters yet, but like a pre-blister condition. In an interview after the game he told reporters he has trouble feeling the ball. He also said he needs some time off and may miss a start. Or two. With the trade deadline looming, that’s going to directly affect his trade value.

The next  couple of weeks will get interesting as we find out who will stay and who will go. Personally, I don’t want to see anyone go. For the same reason I’m not allowed to bring home strays—I get too attached. There’s nothing worse than a blubbering gamer babe the first couple of weeks after the trade deadline. Remember last year? I still tear up when I hear Matt Duffy‘s name.

And still, all things being equal, I’m glad we’re not Philadelphia.

Toni Cecchetti

14 July 2017

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