SF Giants I’m speechless

GoGoGomez 07.9

I’m not shocked by Sunday’s Giants’ loss to the Marlins. I’m not shocked the Giants got swept by a bunch of Fish–although I don’t know how they can hold brooms in their fins, I’m not even surprised the Giants finished the first half of the season with another loss.

I’m speechless because there’s nothing I can say that I haven’t already said. We’ve gone over “what happened??” so many times, I’ve run out of new things to say about it.

We lost again Sunday. The most exciting play of the game for me was when Miguel Gomez–aka Go Go–got his first big league to tie the game. The Giants stayed with it through extra innings but lost it in the 11th after a very rare Brandon Crawford error.

The final score was: Giants 8, Marlins 10

The Marlins swept the Giants. The guys need a break. I do too. I’m taking the next week off. See you when we get back.

Thank you once again, Philadelphia, for having our back.


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