SF Giants new kid on the block

stratton 07.06

Thursday’s Giants game turned into an exercise in futility. Chris Stratton, our latest rookie call-up, got the nod to pitch just before it was time to warm-up. Ok, maybe it wasn’t futile, at least he got his feet wet.

The Giants originally scheduled Johnny Cueto to start. He had to be scratched at the last minute because he has an inner ear infection. I know what that’s like. After spending six months in the hospital, flat on my back a couple of years ago, I get the spins when I turn my head a certain way. It reminds me of some nights during my misspent youth. But to try to pitch with that? I can barely walk when it happens. My neurologist friend tells me I have rocks in my head. I’m not sure if it’s a medical diagnosis or a friendly observation.

But I digress. I feel bad for Cueto. Inner ear stuff can be very disorienting. I wish him a speedy, complete recovery.

So can making a spot start in a big league game without fair warning. Stratton struggled through the first few innings, but settled in and pulled off some shut down innings. Unfortunately, his quick turn-around won’t fix his ERA. The Tigers scored five earned runs off Stratton. He pitched better than it reads.

Our bats were pretty quiet too. The Giants didn’t put on their hitting shoes until the sixth inning. Denard Span led off with a single and scored on Joe Panik‘s follow-up triple. Panik scored when Hunter Pence ground out.

The Tigers added on another run in the eighth, and kept the Giants scoreless the last three innings.

The final score was: Giants 2, Tigers 6

At least we have Orange Friday at home to look forward to. And Matt Moore on the mound.

Still feeling the love for Philadelphia. Let freedom ring.

Toni Cecchetti

6 July 2017

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