SF Giants-Shark!

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It’s Fourth of July weekend and everyone is headed to the beaches. I don’t blame them. Nothing says Independence Day like sand, surf and fireworks.

The big problem is all the shark sightings. It’s like the Amity Island mayor’s nightmare come to life. If you’re going out on the ocean, you’re gonna need a bigger boat. I read the other day about some pretty big shark sightings in Monterey Bay near Santa Cruz. Be careful out there.

There are sharks popping up everywhere. Sunday, there was a big Shark attack in Pittsburgh. Of the three rivers around the City of Pittsburgh, this Shark cruised up the Allegheny and–shiver me timbers–he found a bunch of Pirates.

Word on the street is he got the best of the Pirates. Only a couple got away and some of them went down swinging. But the Shark and his mates were determined and they beat the Pirates.

The Shark and his crew were polite, though. They brought their brooms and cleaned up.

The End

Pittsburgh scored two runs in the fourth, but that’s all Jeff Samardzija would allow. He pitched six innings and allowed two runs–actually it was a two-run homer–six hits, NO walks and he struck out five.

The Pirates hit a solo home run in the eighth, but didn’t score any more.

The Giants were held scoreless until the seventh when Hunter Pence drew a lead off walk, Buster Posey doubled and Brandon Belt hit a single, scoring Pence. Brandon Crawford‘s RBI single–YAY! fingers x’d this will put an end to Crawford’s slump–scored Buster and Kelby Tomlinson‘s sac fly scored Belt. Joe Panik opened up the eighth with a lead off double and Belt belted him home with a two-run home run. Love those insurance runs.

The final score was: Giants 5, Pirates 3

I have to say, I like what I’m seeing in Austin Slater. He’s turning into a great defensive left fielder, and he’s done some good timely hitting.

I feel bad about the Kid, though. He’ll be off eight weeks with his broken hand. Maybe we’ll get to see him in September. When the summer’s through.

Happy Independence Day!

Looking for a little Philadelphia freedom. But still grateful for their part.

Toni Cecchetti

2 July 2017

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