SF Giants sounds of silence

slater 07.01

Shhhhh. I know y’all probably think I’m crazy, but I’m not. Well, not about baseball. Ok, I’m crazy about baseball, but I’m not crazy when it comes to baseball. I…oh, never mind.

What I am is super, super, super-superstitious. Right now, I’m afraid if I utter one word about how the Giants are doing, I’ll jinx it. I’m holding my breath and keeping my mouth shut. I don’t want to hear or see anything  that suggests brooms, or anything that rhymes with Tim Lincecum‘s nickname and starts with s-t-r… I’m covering my ears, shuffling my baseball cards and offering all manner of sacrifice to the baseball gods.

Saturday’s game was like good old-fashioned Giant’s torture. It was a welcome feeling.

Matt Moore had a terrible outing, but it was better than most of his outings lately. He hung in there, much like Johnny Cueto did on Friday and he fought hard to keep the game from getting away from the Giants. He pitched five and two-thirds, allowed one run, four hits, six walks and struck out five.

Moore got out of a big jam in the first when, with the bases loaded and two outs, Moore got hit with a comebacker, tracked it down and ran with it toward first, tagging the runner out along the way. It was a nerve–wracking minute. That ball had disaster written all over it.

The bullpen pitched the rest of the game.  Hunter Strickland got the third out in the eighth and the first two in the ninth before he gave up three walks in a row.  He got out of the jam by striking out the last batter in the ninth…looking.

The Giants didn’t score until the sixth—in fact, the Giants didn’t even get their first hit until the sixth. The Giants only baserunner before the sixth was Ryder Jones who drew a walk in the third. Austin Slater led off the sixth with a high fly ball to center field. The Pirate’s CF leapt up at the wall, closed his glove and came down. Slater stopped mid-run and started to turn toward the dugout. The thing is, the center fielder didn’t have the ball in his glove, it went over the wall. When he realized it, Slater took up his trot. He broke up the Pirates no-no and tied the game.

The game stayed tied in the ninth and it went into extra innings. Free baseball! Who doesn’t love that?

Denard Span drew a walk in the 11th, advanced to second on a passed ball and to third on Joe Panik‘s single. Panik stole second while Buster Posey was at the plate. Buster drew a walk on a pitch so wild that it squirted away from home plate, far enough for Span to make it home from third for the go-ahead run.

Sam Dyson closed out the game and got the save. Dyson wasn’t doing well when he was with the Rangers, but since he joined the Giants, he’s improved. A lot.

The final score was: Giants 2, Pirates 1

I’m not going to think about what happened before, or what might happen next. I’m going to take each game as it comes and enjoy the moment.

With a bottle of rum for Jobu and my fingers x’d.

And, of course, in the words of my people—mille grazie Philadelphia.

Toni Cecchetti

1 July 2017

PS—I like the Independence Day look.belt 07.01

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