SF Giants “cook up a win”

team 06.26

Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper—our unwitting leaders—opened Monday night’s game with Kruk in a chef’s coat, conjuring a recipe to “cook up a win.” And there’s the answer. They just needed the recipe. Someone must have left the cake out in the rain.

It was a game that looked like hundreds of winning games from years past. Hard work and moving the line. This time the big production came from extra base hits and good situational hitting.

First of all, Jeff Samardzija pitched a gem. He went six and a third, allowed two runs, six hits, NO walks and he struck out five.

The Giants scored early and often, beginning in the first with a little two-out thunder. Hunter Pence hit a single, Buster Posey doubled and Pence scored. They scored two in the third: Denard Span drew a walk and scored on Buster Posey’s sac fly. Joe Panik singled and scored on Brandon Belt‘s triple.

The Giants scored two more in the fourth when Gorkys Hernandez singled and scored on Span’s triple, Span scored on Panik’s sac fly. Hunter Pence singled in the seventh, advanced when Posey singled and scored on Brandon Crawford‘s single.

The Giants tacked on three insurance runs in the eighth. Gorkys Hernandez led off the inning by reaching on a Rockies fielding error and scored on Kelby Tomlinson‘s double. Panik’s single scored Kelby and Panik scored on Buster’s base hit.

The final score was: Giants 9, Rockies 2

My question is this: is the Giants win just because they were due? or did they– and the baseball gods–heed manager Bruce Bochy‘s “enough is enough” warning? or is it because the team got fired up from all the silly rumors flying around baseball?

You’ve heard them I’m sure. They range from the Giants bonded over a mutual hate for Giants former OF Angel Pagan, and now that he’s no longer with the team, they have fallen apart because their mutual hate was the tie that bound. BS. These guys are pros, not junior high schoolers.

The other one is about Mark Melancon changing routines. The bullpen stretches at a certain time and Bochy’s rule is they all do it together. Melancon doesn’t stretch with the guys. The team has responded to that one. Bochy basically scoffed at the idea,  chalked it up to miscommunication and said that it being an issue was “like pole-vaulting over mouse turds.”

I’m sure before the season ends, we’ll hear a lot more about what has caused the Giants abysmal first half. All I can say is let’s root for the abysmal part to be completely over by the time the Giants get back from the All∗Star break.

But for Monday’s game we can put a check mark in the W column— I’m going attributing this win to Bochy announcing that he’s had it. A big thank you to the baseball gods, and as ever, I am grateful Philadelphia still has our back.

Toni Cecchetti

26 June 2017

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