SF Giants Broomless and Batless

k & k 06.25

Everybody seems to be sweeping up lately. And here we are without any brooms. The Mets were swept by the Dodgers, then the Mets turned around and swept the Giants.

I think the Giants may have checked out mentally.

Sure we get hits here and there. It is grating on the entire team. Our pitchers so far in the first half—for the most part, there’s been exceptions—have tried to keep each game within reach, all the hitters had to do was pick it up with a few hits and a run every now and again.

Sunday was another day, another loss. This time the Mets ate up our pitcher, Matt Moore. After four and a third, Moore allowed five runs—two were home runs, seven hits, three walks and five strike outs. He’s had better outings.

The Giants scored two runs : one in the third when Denard Span and Joe Panik hit singles, Hunter Pence drew a walk and Buster Posey got Span home on a sac fly; basically they encored in the eighth—this time Conor Gillaspie led off the inning with a double, Span and Pence hit singles, and Gillaspie scored from third on Buster’s ground out.

The final score was: Giants 2, Mets 8

Manager Bruce Bochy said after the game “the baseball gods are really testing us.” I’ll say. And the Giants are flunking.

The Giants have been in this funk since last year’s All∗Star break. and when you think about it, it doesn’t sting as much as it did in August when it was fresh or as much as it did in April and May when our renewed hopes for better year were dashed like wreckage on the rocks surrounding McCovey Cove.

What does that mean? We have to cheer louder, stay with it longer and never, ever give up. We’re Giants fans, after all.

As always, perpetually grateful and appreciative of Philadelphia. They have our back. Literally.

Toni Cecchetti

25 June 2017

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