SF Giants Lose, Lose

gorkys 06.23

The good news is we didn’t expect to win Friday night’s game. Here are my rationalizations for not expecting to win: the Giants flew all night after playing Thursday night in Georgia. A ridiculous schedule. It’s June, so there’s the June Swoon factor, and well, let’s face it—lately, wins are tough to come by.

So, if not expecting the Giants to win is the good news, what’s the bad news? We don’t expect the Giants to win. We’re coming up with rationalizations for the losses. Out of 30 MLB teams, the Giants come in at a solid #29. I keep joking about Philadelphia, but they just went on a two-game winning streak. If they keep this up, they’ll be thanking the baseball gods for San Francisco.

The sad/glad news is I continue to hope. I wait in eager anticipation for the game where it will all come together as if by magic. The pitchers will be lights out, the hitters will hit ’em where they ain’t and the defense will turn plays like a well-oiled machine.

I know it can happen. I’ve been there before. I’ve witnessed it. We all have. It will happen again. We just have to be patient.

Like Johnny Bench said:

“That’s the remarkable thing about baseball. The game has a way of having you scratch your head one minute and drive you crazy, and then the next, you’re entertained beyond your wildest hopes. That’s why it’s the best game.”

He’s right. It really is the best game.

And of course, all things being equal, I’m still grateful for Philadelphia.

Toni Cecchetti

23 june 2017

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