SF Giants how low can we go?

kuip bday 06.19

Happy Birthday Smoothie!

With 90 games left to play, I was tempted to calculate the trajectory of where we will end up if the Giants keep up this pace, but then I thought “why?” It’s not going to do any of us any good.

Tonight’s game was another offensive nightmare that turned into a pitching kerfluffle. Johnny Cueto managed to squeeze out seven decent innings, allowing two runs–one was a home run–five hits, no walks and four strikeouts. He held on tight, giving the Giants a chance to jump in and put up some runs.

The best opportunity for that came in the first with runners at the corners and no outs. Unfortunately, even our big bats had trouble closing the deal.

Josh Osich took over in the eighth and that’s when the wheels flew off the bus. Osich allowed three runs, one hit and two walks. Derek Law had a tough time in his attempt to put away the third out and ended up giving up four runs–one a home run–five hits and one walk before turning the ball over to Bryan Morris.

Adding insult to injury, the ump blew a call, calling Brandon Belt out at second, when he was clearly safe. To make matters worse, the call was upheld by the replay review. Boggles the mind.

The final score was: Giants 0, Braves 9

When the last out was called, I watched the guys packing up. Hunter Pence wandered around the dugout looking like he lost his best friend. After Law was finished pitching, he sat on the bench looking stunned and shaking his head. It looks to me like these guys don’t even know how to explain it.

We’ve been through worse. It’s just been a while.

As always, grateful for Philadelphia.

Toni Cecchetti

19 June 2017

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