SF Giants wow, just wow

hunter 06.18

I don’t really know what to say. In fact, it’s gotten to the point where it’s so ridiculous, it’s laughable.

The Giants closer, multi-million $$ Mark Melancon, blew another save—tossing up a walk-off three run home run to the Rockies third baseman, who believe it or not, just needed a home run to hit for the cycle. You’re welcome, Nolan Arenado.

I don’t blame Melancon. I think they must have given him Casilla’s old locker. I think there is something wrong with the door.  Casilla couldn’t close it either.

The Giants scored in the fifth, but I didn’t see it because Comcast chose today to remove my subscription from their database. My husband–who loves his TV more than life itself–thought it was some sort of conspiracy to ruin his Father’s Day. “Toni!” he bellowed. “Did you pay the bill?” What??? We have to pay for this sh∗t?

I downloaded the NBC Sports app to watch the game on my iPad, and that was ok. Finally, after quite some time, the channel line up came back on my TV.  By then Anthony was playing with his new Father’s Day toy—some kind of assault rifle that kills flies with table salt. I didn’t see him again until dinner. Luckily we didn’t have to eat what he killed.

Although I missed Brandon Crawford‘s two-run home run in the fifth,  I tuned back in just in time to see Hunter Pence hit his first career pinch-hit homer in the ninth–scoring two–followed by Joe Panik‘s single and Crawford’s double, plating Panik. A little insurance.

We should have gotten a bigger policy. But ain’t that always the way?

The final score was: Giants 5, Rockies 7

Monday we head to Atlanta to play the Braves. They are in their new stadium and =they seem to be having a better year than anyone thought they would. Peachy.

It could be worse. All things considered, I’d rather NOT be Philadelphia.

Toni Cecchetti

18 June 2017

2 thoughts on “SF Giants wow, just wow

  1. Every fan thinks the Giants are going to win it all every year. Like the Giants aren’t human or something. They will make the best of a crazy year. Let’s hope that we are talking a different story in October.


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