SF Giants so flip the switch, already

bochy 06.17

There have been more than a few theories about what’s happened to our Giants. A team–with fairly the same players–that went from first to worst, all in the second half of last season to the first half of this season.

This is going to be my Pollyanna, looking at the world through orange rose colored glasses—but what if the switch gets flipped back after the All∗Star break next month? I could live with it, how about you?

I’m not even sure I care if they make the postseason. Although, let’s face it, I would prefer they make the postseason always, because it means more Giants baseball. I’m just saying I could go without the postseason–because unless someone pulls off a miracle, that’s exactly what’s going to happen–if these guys would play like they played last year before the All∗Star break.

Saturday’s game wasn’t like the first two in the series. There wasn’t a lot of fight in our offense. Kuiper said it best as the game ended: “this is a game where the Rockies hit with men on base and the Giants didn’t.” It’s as simple as that.

All things considered Matt Cain had a decent outing. In five innings he allowed two runs–one earned, nine hits, two walks and three strike outs. The Giants run came in the fourth when Nick Hundley hit a double and scored on Gorkys Hernandez‘ single.

The final score was: Giants 1, Rockies 5

The only way we avoid the sweep is to win Sunday’s game. It’s Ty Blach‘s turn to pitch and he grew up near the friendly confines of Coors field. Let’s hope his familiarity with the atmosphere gives him an edge.

We could use one.

Toni Cecchetti

17 June 2017

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