SF Giants Philadelphia story


One thing we can say about the Giants game in Philadelphia Saturday—the only Lively player on the field was the Phillies pitcher. And only because his name is Ben Lively.

The game itself was rather UNlively until the seventh inning. The Giants scored in the second after Buster Posey led off with a single, advanced to second on a balk, took third when Brandon Crawford ground out and scored on Orlando Calixte‘s sac fly. You notice the only hit in that sequence was Busters? That run was manufactured from mostly spare parts. But, hey, a run is a run.

The Phillies tied the score in the sixth inning when a former San Francisco Giants prospect hit one out of the park. Figures. They broke the game wide open in the seventh when Johnny Cueto and Hunter Strickland combined to give up four runs in the inning.

Brandon Belt led off the ninth with a double and scored on Brandon Crawford’s single.  Crawford advanced to third on Caliexte’s single and scored on Aaron Hill‘s base hit. The Giants staged a nice rally, but fell short before running out of outs.

The final score was: Giants 3, Phillies 5

All things considered Cueto pitched a nice game: three runs–one was a home run–eight hits, NO walks and he struck out nine. It would the textbook definition of a quality start if there was a textbook.

Here’s what baffles me—this is the same group of guys who, the day before, couldn’t stop hitting the ball. The pitcher for the Phillies was new, it was his major league debut. I suppose there’s two ways of looking at it: he’s never pitched in the bigs before, so there was no book on him and it made veterans tremble and sweat OR he’s never pitched in the bigs—HE should have been trembling and sweating.

I know I was.

Toni Cecchetti

3 June 2017

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