SF Giants I cry Uncle

BCraw 06.04

I give up. Not on the Giants. I won’t give up on them. But I’m going to give up trying to figure out what’s wrong.

Some say it’s our starting rotation. And the next game, a starter–any starter, really–will pitch a brilliant game. Lights out even. If the Giants are down a run, the pitcher will keep the game close—to give the offense a chance to tie it up or go ahead.

Ty Blach is doing a great job. Unfortunately, our Ace–Madison Bumgarner– is still on the DL. If we could have both in our starting rotation…

Which leads me to the next group. The ones who say we have no bats in the line up. But then we’ll have a game like Friday’s where everyone got a hit except our pitcher, who reached three times by drawing three walks. Hey! On base is on base. Haven’t you seen or read Moneyball?

Christian Arroyo was brought up from AAA Sacramento to povide a spark for a slumping lineup, but eventually the slump caught up with him and he’s been sent back down.  He just needs to re-group and reconnect with his mojo and then he’ll be back.

There’s also the bunch who say it’s our bullpen. Our relievers aren’t very consistent. This past week has shown us a different side of our relief pitchers. Hunter Strickland had his dust up with Bryce Harper and got suspended—which taxes manager Bruce Bochy‘s already strained roster. Will Smith had season-ending Tommy John surgery before the season even started. The rest are having issues with consistency.

We need outfielders. Although I don’t think the lack of depth in our outfield has contributed to our losses—maybe finding a big bat who also plays outfield could help us with the W column?

We have infielders. Right now we probably have more infielders than we need, because one or another of them is playing left field more often than not.

The answers? Hell, I don’t know the answers. I’m still trying to come up with the question.

In case you’re wondering, the final score for Sunday’s game was: Giants 7, Phillies 9

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