SF Giants and the hits just kept on coming

Blach 06.02

I’m speechless. Figures. The night I should be loaded with nice things to say, all I can think of is “who are these guys?” and I alternated that with “where the hell have they been?”

I know it’s Citizens Bank Park. It’s a bandbox.  But the Giants weren’t hitting dingers.  Everyone who started the game for the Giants got a hit, except Ty Blach. He just drew three walks. Amazing.

Speaking of Ty Blach—he threw a helluva game. He allowed seven hits, ZERO runs, ZERO walks and he struck out four. And he threw a complete game shut-out. Unbelievable.

The guys were on fire. Table setters putting out the good china, and the rest of the group putting it away. Base hits, extra base hits and walks. It’s all they needed. They scored 10 runs–two in the first, two in the second, one in the third, four in the sixth and one in the ninth–banged out 15 hits and drew 10 walks.

The final score was: Giants 10, Phillies 0

I said someone needed to be sure and invite the hitters to the party. They came. Let’s make sure they come back.

We got a little spark from the new Kid—he got his first big league hit, first big league run and first big league RBI. He also got his first big league strike out, but that’s ok, he got it out of the way. Nice debut Austin Slater.

Toni Cecchetti

2 June 2017

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