SF Giants Homeward Bound

Samardzija 05.25

It will be good to have the boys back in town. Chicago turned out to be NOT really our kind of town. I don’t know if the game Thursday was the result of residual resentment from the blown call Wednesday night, but the Giants couldn’t get anything going. Even the Kid was flustered.

Christian Arroyo debuted April 24th and got his batting average up to .278 by May 2nd. But these past four games he’s gone 0 for 16 and has fallen below the Mendoza line. I’m starting to worry. I don’t want to see him sent back down.

The Giants scored one run. Denard Span opened up the game with a double and scored on Brandon Belt‘s double. After that the Giants had some hits here and there, Jeff Samardzija even hit a double with one out in the fifth, advanced to third on a wild pitch and still couldn’t get anyone to bring him home. They were hitting the ball, but almost every time they found leather.

Speaking of Samardzija, he pitched a decent game. He allowed three runs—all three were solo home runs, six hits, one walk–the first walk he’s given up since April 28th–and he struck out eight.

Josh Osich pitched to the Cubs in the eighth–and wild–inning. He allowed two runs–one earned–three hits, zero walks and he struck out two. It was the wild pitch that killed him–not to mention Buster’s throwing error–and allowed the runs to score.

The final score was Giants 1, Cubs 5

I’ve had just about enough of this road trip. Time for the guys to come home, recharge and reboot. We always have tomorrow—it’s Orange Friday and Fireworks Night. Doesn’t get any better than that.

Toni Cecchetti

25 May 2017

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