SF Giants lose on BS call

span 05.24

Here’s your warning. Remove the children from the room. Cover your eyes if you are offended by off-color language. This is going to be an R-rated rant. Or MC-17, or whatever the fu∗k warning they use nowadays. It won’t be X-rated, obviously, or I wouldn’t have used the ∗ instead of the c in the F-bomb I dropped in the previous sentence.

Whatever happened leading up to the finish of the Cubs/Giants game Wednesday is whatever happened. Home plate umpire Jeff Nelson changed the strike zone more times throughout the game than a teenage girl changes outfits trying to decide what to wear on a Friday night.

But the 3-2 pitch to Joe Panik that was called a strike to end the game?  That was total, complete, and utter BULLSHIT.  Unbelievable.


I had to get that out of my system. Because it was bullshit.

I’m not saying it kept the Giants from winning. We will never know. What we do know is the game should never have ended on that BULLSHIT terrible call.

Sorry, still had some residual BS to dump.

The Giants played catch-up the the last few innings of the game.. The good news is—they almost made it.

The Giants owned the first few innings. Brandon Crawford opened up the second inning with a double and scored when Christian Arroyo ground into a force out. Denard Span led-off the third with a home run. And if scoring a run wasn’t enough, he won the heart of every mother in Giants fandom when he looked up after he got back to the dugout and said “I love you, Mom” direct to camera. You didn’t need to be a lip reader to get his message.

The Giants had the lead for a couple of innings, but the Cubs tied it up in the fourth and pulled ahead in the fifth.

The Giants started a comeback rally in the ninth when Eduardo Nunez hit a single and scored on Mac Williamson‘s two-run home run. The Giants solo dinger streak is over. I ain’t mad at them.  Now the they can go on a multi-run HR hitting streak.

The final score was: Giants 4, Cubs 5

I apologize if you were offended by my language. People who know me well can tell you I’ve said much worse, and before breakfast even. Hell, I’ve even said worse in church. And it’s still standing. So am I.

Here’s to umpires who need can’t see. May they all get their eyes examined. Or their heads.

Toni Cecchetti

24 May 2017

2 thoughts on “SF Giants lose on BS call

  1. Ruth Tucker says:

    You are absolutely right. No game should ever end on a bad bs call like the one tonight. I was glad to see that Joe said something to the umpire. I think the ump was tired and wanted to go home. He knew it was a ball, but if you call it a strike, everyone goes home. Does he care if the people get upset with him or disagree with the call? Hell, no. It’s too bad that MLB considers umpires above god and you can’t question a bad call like the one we saw tonight. Honestly, both teams deserve better. If you’re going to come out to work and do a half-ass job of umpiring, why not just take the night off and stay home? That’s what this guy should have done. The players were playing their hearts out and deserve better. We, as fans, also deserve better. You, Mr. umpire, should be reprimanded, written up, or given a notice of termination for unsatisfactory performance. Sorry, for my bad language; it’s late and I’m still furious. Oh, did I tell you I’m almost 80 and don’t really give a rat;s ass if the ump likes my language or not? Poorly done, sir.


    • You know I agree with you completely. I also support your right to speak freely–even when you’re furious. Sometimes I sit on my post until I cool down, but for Wednesday night’s game I wasn’t about to cool down anytime soon. It helps to get it off the chest. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it.


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