SF Giants lost the battle, won the war

nunez 05.17

I can’t count the number of times Bruce Bochy has said “it’s tough to sweep.” I agree. That’s why it is such a big deal when we do. And although we didn’t sweep the Dodgers, we won the series.

The Giants’ series against the Dodgers this week marked the third series against them already this season. We split one (2-2), and won two–this one and one we played at the beginning of the month in LA. The Giants are definitely doing well against the Boys in Blue.

As for today’s game? The big excitement was the dust-up in the third that cleared the benches, but not a punch was thrown.  As far as I’m concerned this game was one for the books, and that chapter is over.

Johnny Cueto had a tough outing–in six innings he allowed five runs, eight hits, and one walk. He struck out six. Josh Osich pitched one inning and allowed one run, one hit, one walk and he struck out–what else?–one batter. Bryan Morris and Cory Gearrin each pitched a clean three-up, three-down inning.

The Giants bats stayed pretty silent, but in the end Eduardo Nunez hit a solo home run–his first of the season–to keep us from getting shut out.

The final score was: Giants 1, LA 6

The Giants have the day off tomorrow as they head to St. Louis to take on the Cardinals. See you in St. Louie, Louie!

Toni Cecchetti

17 May 2017

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