SF Giants High Five!

posey_belt 05.16

San Francisco Giants home run kings–Buster has 7, Belt just hit #8

Five in a row. A week ago I don’t know if I would have believed it. I wished for it, I hoped for it, I wanted it.  I don’t know if this means we’re out of the woods yet, but clearly we can see sunshine through the trees.

I don’t mean to sound negative. Don’t forget, I’m super-superstitious and whenever someone predicts a win, a streak or a sweep—I have to shake out my troll dolls, comb their hair, kill a chicken and drink a bucket of rum. Or, was it eat a bucket of chicken while I kill a bottle of rum?

Tuesday night’s game was more evidence of how the Giants–like the Goonies, remember them?–never say die.

Ty Blach pitched a great game. He allowed one run–a home run–five hits, two walks, and he struck out four. He pitched seven innings and four were clean, three-up, three-down innings. He’s making a good argument for his own spot in the rotation when the time comes.

Our bats didn’t get wild today, but they were enough. Brandon Belt led off the fourth inning with a solo home run, LA tied it up in the the top of the sixth. The Giants answered back in the bottom of the inning when Belt led off with a base hit, advanced to second on a wild pitch, moved to third when Buster Posey ground out and scored on Brandon Crawford‘s single.

Derek Law closed out the game without making us feel like we were sitting on nails. No Giants torture??? Well, yeah, he let Hunter Strickland handle it in the eighth. Strickland gave up a couple of hits, but got out of trouble with a double play and a line out to first.

The final score was: Giants 2, LA 1

Player of the game? Brandon Belt. He came through on offense and defense. My favorite play of the game was right after Belt bashed his HR in the fourth. It was Buster’s “magic disappearing pop-up” that fell out of the sky, blew fair, and landed on the ground while LA scrambled after it.

Wednesday is a day game. We have Johnny Cueto going up against Clayton Kershaw. Should be a good game.

Toni Cecchetti

16 May 2017

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