SF Giants so close

span bcraw 05.11

I know I’ve quoted Frank Robinson about a billion times in the last month because there have been times we’ve been so close, but you gotta admit, the Giants game Thursday night against the Reds felt closer than most.

It wasn’t so much about the score as it was about the return of some of our sorely missed players. Who wasn’t thrilled to see Brandon Crawford and Denard Span? Plus a few nice hits?

Brandon Belt hit a solo home run in the first and Span hit another one in the fifth. The thing is, the rest of the guys were hitting too. Hunter Pence singled in the first, Joe Panik in the second and Span doubled in the third. Christian Arroyo got a base hit in the fourth, Ty Blach singled in the seventh–so did Span, again, Crawford doubled in the eighth and Nick Hundley and Span finished off the night with base hits in the ninth.

Plenty of hits. Our tablesetters were the ones that hit the long balls though. They set the table and cleared it with one swing of the bat.  Although Span tried–he had four hits on the night.

You know what all this means? We’re getting closer. I know it doesn’t count, but it helps. Horseshoes and grenades be damned.

Blach pitched a good game. He went seven innings and allowed two runs, five hits and a walk. He struck out two. And he contributed offensively while he was at it. He looked good out there. Hunter Strickland gave up the winning run, but Josh Osich pitched a clean inning to finish it off.

The final score was: Giants 2, Reds 3

Hope. I know Flannery says it’s not a strategy., but for the fans in the seats, it’s all we got. So we hope—for all we know, that’s what baseball is.

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