SF Giants Almost Again

buster 05.10

Different day, different outcome. This time we almost lost it.

I’m telling you, games like today’s are tough on a gamer babe of a certain age. We’re down, we’re up, we’re down again. I swear, when you have an itchy emotional trigger, you don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Or just sit in front of an air conditioner with a fan blowing the cool air right back at you because the temperature is rising on your own private summer.

We were down 1-0  going into the top of the second when our offense–whose name is Buster Posey, by the way–smoked a solo round-tripper, his fifth home run of the season. Game tied.

The Mets pulled ahead one run in the third and added another in the fourth.

Our offense–Buster again–led off the sixth with a base hit. Christian Arroyo followed with a single, Nick Hundley singled and suddenly the Giants had a group of offensive players to give Buster a hand. Justin Ruggiano’s sac fly got Buster home, bringing the game back to a one-run game.

The Giants plugged along, one run back, to the ninth inning, where we faced the Mets’ closer for the third game in a row. He held us scoreless in both previous games, but I hoped we would find a way to score this time. I know, though–thanks to Tim Flannery–hope is not a strategy, but it’s all I’ve got. And it worked.

In the top of the ninth, Joe Panik drew a walk, Eduardo Nunez reached on a force attempt, throwing error by the Mets third baseman and Hunter Pence singled, scoring Panik. Buster drew a walk and the bases were loaded when the Kid came to the plate. He hit a sharp line drive that bounced under the wall, allowing all three baserunners to score and Arroyo to land safely on second.

And just when we were getting comfy with a three-run lead, Derek Law gave up a couple of singles and a double. I could feel the bottom dropping out again so I cranked up the air and tilted the fan closer. Lucky for me, hope worked out again and the Giants got the third out before another run could score.

The final score was: Giants 6, Mets 5

They almost got us. Almost. But the real story here is the fact the Giants came from behind in the ninth inning. Something they haven’t done in a long, long time. The other big story is Matt Cain. He is adjusting to a new pitching style and he’s doing alright. Today he allowed three runs–two earned, one a home run–four hits, two walks and he struck out three. He’s learning.

Do I think we’re out of the woods? Hardly. Do I think we stand a chance? I’m a Giants fan. I always think we stand a chance.

I will say this, I feel much better than I did yesterday. I’m in a better mood. But stick around, like the weather in San Francisco and my own personal temperature, it can change at any given moment.

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