SF Giants I have the answer

samardzija 05.09

I know you won’t agree with me, but I have a theory. I think it’s a good one. Hear me out.

Last year, we traded Matt Duffy for Matt Moore. I cried, I sniveled, I whined and I moaned. A lot of it was tongue in cheek. Except the tears. The tears were real. Most of us fell head-over-heels for the Duffman. I don’t know anyone who was happy to see him go.

The trade deadline approached and word came down from on high. The Duffman was going to Florida for a starting pitcher. It’s true. We needed a starting pitcher. Duffy was on the DL. On paper it looked reasonable. On paper it looked right.

But it never felt right.

Although he wasn’t playing at the time, this was the kid who was the first Giants’ rookie to win the 2015 Willie Mac Award. Ever. That is saying something. The Willie Mac Award is given to the player for, among other things “his leadership abilities on and off the field.” He was also the winner of the Barney Nugent Award in 2015, which recognizes a player at his first big league spring training whose “performance and dedication in spring training best exemplifies the San Francisco Giants spirit.”

In other words, Matt Duffy wasn’t the star of the show, he was the heart.

Let’s face it, on paper the Giants have never been first pick to win it all. But they did it three times. Came close to getting a chance last year, but we were snakebit. Just like now. On paper we shouldn’t be doing this badly. Let’s face it—whatever is wrong with the Giants has nothing to do with numbers or stats or lineups or records. It’s a visceral thing. It’s lurking somewhere below the surface, and until we get it out or figure it out…who knows?

In other words, Duffy was an integral part of the Giants big league clubhouse and he was no safer than the minor league pitching prospect–who defeated us today–when he was traded to the Mets to rent an overblown, prima donna outfielder for the summer in 2011.

I honestly think they sucked the wind out of the Giants sails when they traded the Duffman. Sure, make a trade for Matt Moore all day long. I like Moore. I think he makes a great Giant. And when he’s on, he can pitch. But I don’t think he’s the heart of the team.

Who is? Hard to say. I don’t think the Giants have a heart right now. Maybe when Brandon Crawford gets back…who knows?

The Giants lost to the Mets—actually by the time the first inning ended. But Buster Posey wouldn’t be denied. He hit a solo home run in the fourth. His fourth of the season.

The final score was: Giants 1, Mets 6

And please come back tomorrow. I promise I won’t be so depressing. Maybe.

Toni Cecchetti

9 May 2017

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