SF Giants Offense Funk You Up

giants 05.07

It’s official. “We’re in a funk, offensively” manager Bruce Bochy said after Sunday’s game in Cincinnati. A statement that is surely in the running for all-time understatement. Ever.

Today I found myself looking–again–for positive take-aways. Here’s a couple:

There was a no-hitter going into the fourth. But it was the Reds’ pitcher who was no-hitting the Giants,

It was a shut-out, but the Giants were the ones holding the big, fat goose egg,

and it was a sweep, but the Reds had the brooms.

Ok, Ok. There were some positives:

There was that moment, in the second inning, after Cueto got two quick outs and then gave up a triple. Giants fans held their collective breath when the next batter hit a high fly ball to center and heaved a huge sigh of relief when Gorkys Hernandez caught the ball for the third out.

And Jeremy Affeldt jinxed the Reds no-hitter by talking about it just as we started the fourth. Then Hunter Pence led off with a double.

Then the Kid–Chrisitan Arroyo–hit a double to lead off the fifth. Unfortunately, he was left standing when the inning was over.

The final score was: Giants 0, Reds 4

We’ve improved. We were down ONLY four runs.

Funk, Funk, Funk and Double Funk.

We’re heading to New York. Maybe if we swing our bats in the magic air of the club’s beginnings…aw who am I trying to kid—there’s no magic in the air.

But then again, it’s baseball. Anything can happen.

Toni Cecchetti

7 May 2017

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