SF Giants EXTRA Win

samardzija.3 05.04

First things first—the award for best jeté of the night goes to Jeff Samardzija. Nice ballet move. I know you think it’s a football move, but the ballet, my friends, is where the football players learned it.

My apologies. I went to bed after the game and had an appointment first thing this morning, so I’m not going to recap the game–I’m going to talk about how it felt.

Relief. I can’t begin to describe the feeling of foreboding when, inning after inning, nobody scored. We left the bases loaded a couple of times. Couldn’t close the deal. We were getting hits—but you know, it’s all about the timely hits.

The good news is–even though the Giants couldn’t score–the Dodgers couldn’t score either. Until the sixth inning when Joe Panik‘s error allowed Yasiel Puig to turn a flyout into three bases. He scored easily.

It turned Jeff Samardzija’s practically perfect outing into best case scenario–a no-decision, worst case scenario–a loss. The guy pitched his heart out for eight solid innings, allowing one run–not earned–three hits, NO walks and he struck out 11. You can’t ask for better.

The Giants tied the score in the eighth and were ultimately able to come out on top in the 11th inning. Panik redeemed himself by coming up with a lead-off single. It was nice to see some timely hitting. It was nice to get the win. But I lived and died on every pitch from the time we tied the score in the 8th until Mark Melancon gave up back-to-back hits with two outs before finally recording the save. The 11th inning felt like the sun rose and set on it. Yeah, it felt like it took that long.

The final score was: Giants 4, LA 1

My nerves were shot. But I’m ready to do it again. At least 133 times. More if they’ll let me.

Enjoy the day off.

Toni Cecchetti

4 May 2017

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