There’s no crying in baseball


There are universal truths that many of accept as rules to live by. One, that is spoken often is—there’s no crying in baseball. It is as accepted as the designated hitter in the AL, tie goes to the runner in little league and if you argue with a plate ump anywhere, prepare to be tossed.

Another rule that is universally accepted, but hardly ever talked about because it shouldn’t need to be stated. Sadly it was forgotten by a few Boston fans–there’s no color in baseball.

I take that back. There are colors in baseball. Brown, beige, black, white and red. Brown for the color of the old school gloves, beige and black are the colors of most bats, and white and red are the colors of the ball.  Of course there’s the color of the green grass and the blue sky. But those are the only colors most baseball fans see.

We don’t need racial slurs. Jackie Robinson spent a career putting that nonsense behind us. We dishonor his work and his life by allowing others to make racist remarks.

The only requirement for being on the field is “can you play?” It doesn’t matter if you’re purple with yellow stripes or red with green polka dots. Or if you’re white, black or somewhere in between. If you can play, you can play.

Just as long as you don’t cry. There’s no crying in baseball.

Play on Adam Jones.

Toni Cecchetti

2 May 2017

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