SF Giants make me sick

arroyo.2 04.28

You know what I mean—seasick, nauseated, queasy. These win one–lose one  games are making me sick to my stomach. Break out the Dramamine.

I’m not even asking for an overnight, sudden 50-game winning streak. Just give me two in a row.

We have the chance to do it tonight when we take on the Padres for game 2 of this three-game series. The Padres currently hold last place in the NL West–a spot we gladly vacated when we defeated them last night. I like the way it’s going—let’s keep moving in that direction.

Speaking of last night’s game–it was a doozy. Jeff Samardzija was on the mound, and gave us a quality start.  He pitched seven innings and allowed three runs–two earned, one home run–a walk, and he struck out five.

The Giants scored two runs in the first inning. They did it the way Giants usually do. They kept moving the line. Joe Panik led off with a base hit. Brandon Belt followed with another. Hunter Pence popped out, but Michael Morse‘s groundout moved both runners up a base. Christian Arroyo reached on an error that allowed Panik to score. Conor Gillaspie drove a single right up the middle, scoring Belt.

The Giants held the lead until the fifth, when San Diego scored three runs at the top of the inning. Belt led off the bottom of the inning with a double, advanced to third on a wild pitch and scored on Morse’s sac fly, tying the game.

The game stayed tied until the bottom of the eighth when Arroyo led off and came through with a big dinger that turned out to be the winning run.

The final score was: Giants 4, Padres 3

The Kid, Boss Baby, Sparky–there’s no shortage of the names we can call our newest Giant. But I want to use a different one: Roy. Now, hear me out. I’m not trying to jinx it with the baseball gods, I know it’s too soon for ROY. But you have to admit just by his last name alone–arROYo–Roy is appropriate. I’m just sayin’.

BTW, anyone else catch the tribute to Ryan Vogelsong last night? Kruk and Kuip talked about what a great Giant Vogey was and how much they miss him. I miss him too. I hope he comes back to work with the Giants when he’s ready. His “I will always, always be a Giant” speech still chokes me up.

Toni Cecchetti

29 April 2017

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