SF Giants drop it like it’s hot

moore 04.27

Boy you could hear the thud for miles around when the Giants dropped their Thursday afternoon game against the Dodgers. Pretty sure the earth shake could be measured on a Richter scale.

The Dodgers came out right away with a solo home run in the first inning. Matt Moore–who was fantastic through seven innings, by the way–held the Dodgers to just the one home run, two hits, three walks and he struck out eight.

The Giants scored a run in the sixth, tying the score. Brandon Belt drew a walk, and while Eduardo Nunez was at the plate, the Dodgers pitcher attempted a pick off play at first. The pitcher’s throw was off, took a tricky hop and went past the first baseman down the right field line. Belt took off for second and made it to third by the time the ball was recovered. Buster Posey was intentionally walked and Christian Arroyo got a turn at the plate. With two out and Belt waiting on third, Arroyo’s RBI base hit was all it took to get Belt home and tie the game.

The game stayed tied through nine, but in the tenth, the Giants bullpen combined to give up three hits and four walks, allowing four runs to score. Even the gulls knew what was happening. They started circling right away like buzzards over carrion.

The final score was: Giants 1, LA 5

The fact that it was in extra innings made the loss extra disappointing.

There were some high points.Both Buster Posey and Kelby Tomlinson made spectacular plays on the right field line to catch a couple of fly balls. Tomlinson had to come from half way across he field when he caught his.

I know Flannery says “Hope is not a strategy” but I can’t help but hope the offense picks up. And that right soon.

Toni Cecchetti

27 April 2017

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