SF Giants A New Kid, An Old Friend

morse.4 04.26

And that oh, so familiar feeling.

What was great about Wednesday night’s game–ok, there’s a list of things that were great about Wednesday night’s game, but let’s go with the top of the heap–the Giants won. Everything else was whipped cream, nuts and a cherry on top.

The new Kid, Christian Arroyo, pulled off another first in his week of big firsts. He hit his first big league home run. And his mom was there to see it. In an interview with Amy G, Christian’s mom said “definitely a parents biggest dream is to see their kids fulfill their dreams.” Spoken like a true mom.

The Giants and the Dodgers were scoreless through five innings and then the Boys in Blue put three runs on the board in the sixth. But in the seventh, Buster Posey got a base hit and Arroyo followed with his first big league home run magic. Suddenly it was a one-run ball game.

The old kid–because, let’s face it, they’re all kids to me–Michael Morse, stepped in to hit for the pitcher in the eighth, and just like in 2014 when we needed it most, he smacked a big fly to tie the game. It was like watching a live-action rerun.

Giants fans felt that old familiar butterflies in the stomach feeling of “we actually have a chance” after six innings of the “can’t even buy a hit, much less score a run” feeling.

Mark Melancon spared us the Giants torture,  for once, with a three-up, three-down ninth inning. But we were treated to a dose of torture in the 10th. Gorkys Hernandez led off with a single, Conor Gillaspie drew a walk and Nick Hundley‘s sacrifice bunt worked so well, everyone was safe, including Hundley.

Hunter Pence came to the plate with the bases loaded and no outs. All he needed to do was hit a sac fly, get a base hit, or hell’s bells–simply draw a walk. Which he could have. Five times. But you know Hunter, he was bound and determined to put the ball in play. He finally did–on the tenth pitch–he hit a sac fly scoring Hernandez for the walk-off win. Torture. It hurts so good.

The final score was: Giants 4, LA 3

Toni Cecchetti

26 April 2017

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