SF Giants WTF???

bochy 04.22AKA The Rant, part 2

I said we have faith. I said we believe. I said there’s plenty of baseball left. I ranted at the Naysayers. But, Giants—what the foxtrot? You’re going to have to meet us halfway here. Ok, maybe just a third of the way. We’ll settle for a .333.

Yesterday–Friday, April 21st–was an unmitigated disaster. From our pitching Ace to the team bus driver, Murphy’s Law ruled the day. As if–albeit only 16 games in at that point–the Giants season wasn’t bad enough. Let’s add salt.

First, we get the news that Madison Bumgarner was injured in a dirt bike accident. A dirt bike.  I realize he’s just a kid, but someone needs to sit him down and remind him that’s a million dollar arm he’s playing with. No dirt bike ride is worth that. I imagine he’s figured that out by now. Let’s hope he gets better thoroughly, completely and very quickly. Reports are 6–8 weeks.

The team bus backed into a car on the way to Coors field. Tough break, but I’m sure they have insurance. I thought maybe the baseball gods were just funnin’ us. Just to see how far we can be pushed.

Here’s the answer for me. Not far. I was already close to breaking. I put on my glasses with the orange-colored lenses, the ones I always wear when I’m trying to stay positive. It didn’t help.

Then I remembered it was a Johnny Cueto night. Nothing bad ever happens when Johnny Beisbol is the mound. I rebounded.

Things looked especially good for the Giants in the second when Buster Posey led off the inning with a base hit. He advanced to second on a balk and moved to third when Brandon Crawford lined out. Buster scored when Eduardo Nunez hit a double. The bats were lively and the entire line up took a turn at the plate. Joe Panik singled, Chris Marrero singled, scoring Nunez. Johnny Beisbol hit into a fielder’s choice and Panik was tagged out at home. Denard Span‘s single scored Marrero. Brandon Belt drew a walk and Hunter Pence ground out to end the inning.

Things looked pretty good for the Giants until the fourth inning. Cueto got the first batter out and then gave up back-to-back-to-back singles. Bases loaded. What followed was Johnny Beisbol’s worst nightmare. A home run. First grand slam hit off Cueto. Ever. The next guy hit a single, then an inside-the-parker—Pence had trouble tracking the ball and adding injury to insult twisted his knee on the play—for two more runs.

The Giants scored two more runs too–Belt skied a solo HR in the fifth and in the eighth Nunez singled, stole second and scored on Panik’s single. What happened after was unreal and the thing that makes Giants fans’ heads shake like a bobblehead–with two men on and no outs, the Giants didn’t move the runners over and the opportunity was lost with three consecutive outs.

The final score was: Giants 5, Rockies 6

I still believe. Honest. But for now I’m just going to stay in bed and pull the covers over my head until the nightmare is over. I’ll turn into a fair-weather fan. Wake me up when the sun comes out.

Toni Cecchetti 

22 April 2017

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