SF Giants Hit the Wall

Parker 04.1

The Giants hit the wall figuratively and Jarrett Parker hit it literally.

Poor kid. For Jarrett Parker it was a bad break in a couple of ways. He was still making a case for being the Giants left fielder–and he was starting to show some promise–but Saturday afternoon, while he was making an absolutely spectacular catch, he ran into the wall. He hit it  pretty hard and broke his clavicle. But he didn’t drop the ball.

Parker’s tryout in left is done for now. He’ll be out for awhile.

The Giants managed to get two hits off the Rockies pitcher. Good thing. He was pitching a no-hitter until the sixth when Chris Marrero hit a line drive single to right, but was left stranded when the inning was over. Joe Panik hit a grounder to right for a base hit to lead off the seventh, but was left on base. Denard Span drew a walk in the ninth and was stranded when the game ended. Still, it was a shut-out.

Matt Moore‘s outing was not good. He pitched five and two-thirds and gave up five runs–one a home run–on ten hits and three walks. He struck out five.

The final score was: Giants 0, Rockies 5

The Giants played the Rockies Thursday night and lost–Giants 1, Colorado 3. Madison Bumgarner pitched a good game, and the outcome might have been different if he’d had a little run support. Johnny Cueto pitched Friday night and the Giants won. It seems like we stand a good chance when Johnny Beisbol is on the mound. Generally a Johnny Cueto night a Johnny Cueto win. The Giants were on fire at the plate. The final score was: Giants 8, Colorado 2.

Sunday is the fourth game of the series. Jeff Samardzija is on the mound. It’s baseball. It’s Easter. Let’s pray for a miracle.

I’ve had a busy weekend and didn’t get a chance to watch anwrite about two of the games. Likely you won’t hear from me again until Tuesday. Enjoy your Easter, or Passover or Sunday Funday.  And #GoGiants

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