SF Giants spring from behind

cueto 03.20

The Giants played the Chicago White Sox and the Southsiders managed to keep the Giants from scoring for seven innings. Here is the story:

The Giants starter, Johnny Cueto, threw three perfect innings before giving up a triple that scored on a sac fly in the fourth. That was the only hit and run Cueto allowed. He struck out three. The Sox scored again in the sixth after drawing three walks, a sac bunt and a sac fly off Cueto’s reliever, Josh Osich.

The Giants scored in the eighth–the White Sox were just seconds from a clean getaway–after Justin Ruggiano‘s base hit, Tim Federowicz reached on a fielder’s choice out, sending Ruggiano back to the bench and leaving Federowicz on first. Gorkys Hernandez hit a single and Ryder Jones followed with a scorcher to right for a three-run home run.

And just like that, the Giants were in business.

The Giants held on to the lead for the rest of the game. The final score was:

Giants 3, White Sox 2

The Giants take on the Padres Tuesday at 1:05 pm with Madison Bumgarner on the mound. So far I have found only radio broadcast info through MLB.com. If anyone finds video, please let me know.

I’m getting ready to watch the WBC match up between the Netherlands and Puerto Rico. That’s Bam Bam’s team facing Angel Pagan and his band of blonde Puerto Ricans–they all decided to bleach their hair. The game is on right now on the MLB Network. USA takes on Japan Tuesday at 6:00 pm on the MLB Network.

wbc.2 03.18

One thing I didn’t mention the other night and should have–when team USA faced team Dominican Republic, two guys who usually play as teammates found themselves on opposing benches. Manny Machado played for DR and Adam Jones plays for team USA. They play for the Baltimore Orioles in the regular season.

The USA was up by two runs when Machado came to the plate. Jones was patrolling the outfield. Machado hit the ball high, he hit it deep, it was definitely over the center field wall when Jones leapt up and grabbed it out of the sky. Savvy fans gave him room to make the catch. It was the kind of catch that could impress even Willie Mays. But that wasn’t the most impressive part. That part came when Machado, who was rounding the bases doing what he thought would be his home run trot, tipped his cap to Jones.

I love baseball.

Toni Cecchetti

20 March 2017

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