SF Giants spring roughed up by Rox

Giants 03.17

The Giants played the Colorado Rockies at Scottsdale today and the Rox managed to ring up three runs on nine hits against our Horse, Matt Cain.

Cain is fighting for the fifth spot in the rotation and while he looked like he had good control, he had a tough time fooling some of the Rockies’ hitters. Here’s the good news: he fooled a few of them–he struck out five. He’s making some improvements, but he still has work to do. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for him.

The Giants scored one run–our fab fan fave, Michael Morse, who played in LF!–hit a double in the seventh and Orlando Calixte entered the game to pinch run for Morse. Calixte advanced to third on Brandon Belt‘s single and scored when Nick Hundley ground out.

Colorado scored another run in the eighth and one more in the ninth.

The final score was: Giants 1, Rockies 5

I was toggling back and forth between our game and the World Baseball Classic–USA vs. Puerto Rico. At times it was a bit more exciting to watch than our game.

In San Diego, team Puerto Rico scored four runs in the first and USA scored one run in the second. PR held USA to a three-run lead until the fifth, when the Giants’ Buster Posey hit a solo HR to narrow the lead to two runs. USA scored another run in the sixth, but PR took it back and then some when they scored two runs in he bottom half of the inning.

In the ninth inning, down three runs, with two men on and two out, team USA sent the Giants’ Brandon Crawford to the plate. He sent a scorching fly ball to former Giant Angel Pagan in LF for a 2 RBI triple. It was a magnificent hit and BCraw almost saved the day. Almost.

The final score was: USA 5, Puerto Rico 6

The Giants play Seattle at 1:10 pm Saturday. No pitcher has been announced, yet. You can listen to the game on KNBR 680 or watch the Seattle broadcast on RootNW through MLB.TV.

Team USA plays again, facing team Dominican Republic Saturday night. You can catch the game on  the MLB Network at 7:00 pm. I know I will. It’s what I live for.

Toni Cecchetti

17 March 2017

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