SF Giants spring strikeouts and homers

moore 03.07The Giants found the magic combo today against their long-time rivals, the Los Angeles Dodgers. It was not just a magic combo, it was a winning combo.

The Giants faced Dodger ace, Clayton Kershaw. He is reputed to be the best pitcher in the MLB. I don’t know about you, but I’m kinda partial to the guy who bounces homers off Kershaw whenever they face each other. But, it wasn’t Madison Bumgarner‘s turn to pitch. It was Matt Moore‘s.

Moore held his own through three solid innings. He allowed three hits and gave up two walks while striking out five. Joan Gregorio–a minor league prospect from the Dominican Republic–gave up two runs, 1 earned, on two hits and a walk. He struck out one. Matt Reynolds finished the inning, making a clean getaway. The Giants pitching staff combined for eleven strike outs and  kept the Dodgers to a two run total.

The Giants bats looked really good out there. At least in my minds-eye they did. They scored a run in the fourth–Joe Panik hit a single and scored on Brandon Belt‘s magnificent triple to right. They followed with solo home runs in each of the next three innings: Jae-gyuen Hwang in the fifth, Mac Williamson in the sixth and Chris Marrero in the seventh.

The game ended on a spectacular play–when Trevor Brown, who was playing second, made a diving catch and gunned down the runner at first. Turns out Brownie is more than a back-up back-stop.

The final score was: Giants 4, Dodgers 2

The kids’ are alright. All I can say is this–let today be the first day of the rest of their spring.

The Giants take on Team Puerto Rico tomorrow in an exhibition game with Jeff Samardzija on the mound. Game time is 12:05 pm and will be broadcast on MLB.com. I wish we could watch it–I’d like to see Angel Pagan play.

Toni Cecchetti

7 March 2017

2 thoughts on “SF Giants spring strikeouts and homers

  1. Anthony Vernengo says:

    Mat Moore is turning out to be a bad pill for the Dodgers. Nothing better then a pitching staff that fears no evil. Way to go Giants😄


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